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Birmingham and Bristol based Genuine Panama do a wriggly, indie-soul type of business. Brass sections and bass solos meet pop-ready lyrical melodies, hitting some uncharted sweet spot between Bombay Bicycle Club and Lettuce. 

Since forming in 2017, Genuine Panama's early gigs in art galleries, cramped cafes, and car park rooftops have given way to rambunctious headline slots around the country, including a sold out show at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham. 

Their debut EP 'Itchy Teeth' was released in summer 2019, along with an outlandish music video involving an insatiable, purple-headed riff-bandit. Latest single 'The Crease' was released in March 2020, and with plenty of songs still reserved exclusively for small venues across the UK, Genuine Panama are preparing to release more music throughout the year.




White heavyweight t-shirt with navy Itchy Teeth artwork print on the chest.




Into the dark, into the dark,
I’m craven, I’m empty and I’m
Cubicled, and hoovered through, 
It is taking me back, taking me back for love making
Somewhere down the camera phones,
In the crude, in the crude.
In the lull, in the lull bestride us
It is taking me back, taking me back for more

Why don’t you show me?
Why don’t you love me?
(Just starting, just starting to learn)
Looking at you each evening, it’s better than the real thing
Still I will be the one to crawl underneath the only life,
Where I’m watching me watching me.

Into the dark, into the dark,
You're lambent and you're just above the crease
Of that feeling, that feeling, that feeling of a grid plan
That is taking me back, taking me back for love making
With someone that I've never known
And I don't choose and I don't
Try making it good, making it good because
Every move is just taking me back, taking me back for more




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